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Dr. Guichet has committed his life to research while focusing on the care and success of bone reconstruction. He invented and patented the Guichet Nail now used in his surgical procedures for limb lengthening. 

Leg Lengthening Clinic Dr Treating Patient - Get Taller - Dr Guichet

The Guichet Nail is designed to grow bone from 1 to 10 centimeters! 

Increase 10 centimeters in height - Leg Lengthening Clinic - Get Taller - Dr Guichet

+ 10 cm

+ 4 in

Achieve New Heights Leg Lengthening Clinic - Get Taller

The Leg Lengthening Clinic has performed this procedure in more than 150 patients over the last several years. 


Having done this for so long, we understand that there are many doubts or questions involved in this procedure, and we are at the disposal of anyone who would like to know more.


We have made several resources available to you on this website. Please carefully look at our "FAQ" section as it answers most of the questions we usually receive. 


Getting taller through leg lengthening is a reality and we encourage all of those interested to get in touch via e-mail, or through our "Contact" page. 


Leg Lengthening Clinic - Get Taller

Step 1: Consultation and Evaluation

- 2-4 hours 

- X-rays/Blood test/Cybex strength/Psychological Preparation


Step 2: Surgery

- 2-5 hours

- Full shower/shave legs where required


Step 3: Hospitalization

- 4 days in hospital

- Lesson lengthening/exercise bike


Step 4: Lengthening

- 1 mm per day or 1 inch per 26 days 

- Careful walking with/without crutches

- Exercising/Stretching/Careful walking


Step 5: Consolidation

- Approximately 90  days to 120  days


Step 6: Removal of Nail

- 1 to 2 years upon completion of lengthening

Leg Lengthening Clinic Running Person Bone - Get Taller- Increase height Man/Women
Leg Lengthening Clinic Banner - Get Taller - Dr Guichet - Increase Height
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