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There are many factors that will affect the price of your surgery and the price of your stay during the recovery process. The cost varies by what you want such as how many limbs, or which bone(s), how much length wanted, and what options are decided on.
During your consultation, you will be told the estimated cost of your surgery. Other costs to consider are; personal trainer, category of hotel or accommodations, length of time (the longer you stay, the more length you can expect to gain), the current exchange rate ect. An accurate quote with options will be delivered after your consultation.


Initially we request that a Consultation Fee be deposited in the value of € 305.00. After the initial Consultation, we request that a € 5,000.00 Initial booking fee be paid in order to secure your procedure. Please only deposit the Booking Fee once cleary instructed to do so by the Leg Lengthening Clinic. 

It is very important that you consider the financial cost of this surgery before coming to Marseille. I
t is recommended that patients budget €58,000 to €65,500 depending on your spending habits and needs while living in France. Currently, the cost of the device itself makes up a large part of the total expenses, however, it is possible for those patients willing to book their surgery 11 months or more in advance and, making a full payment, obtaining 10% off of the cost of surgery. Please be sure to contact us for more information at:


NOTE: All payments are made through PayPal - please see more on our PAYMENT page. 

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We advise all patients to come to Marseille for an initial consultation and evaluation prior to the surgery in order to determine what your personal potential for lengthening will be. It is advisable to have full leg x-rays and standard blood tests before coming to Marseille.

Consultation ............... 305.00


This covers the operation; hospitalization for 4 days, 2 months of medication and vitamins, 30 days accommodation at the Resident Calypso, and clinical follow-up sessions by Dr. Guichet once a week at the Leg Lengthening Clinic in Marseille.

Procedure ............... €44,300.00


Nail removal is done during a simple day surgery. The nail can be removed one year after the initial surgery.  

Removal ...............  €7,300.00

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