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About Us

Mission Statement:


"Achieve new heights by innovating, creating and pursuing the safest and most functional methods in the world for leg lengthening."


History and Commitment:


Limb Lengthening has been done succesfully since the invention of the Ilizarov method, over 60 years ago. However, this method was improved upon in 1987 when Dr. Jean-Marc Guichet invented the Albizzia nail. The process was further improved upon, when in 2009, Dr. Guichet introduced and patented the Guichet Nail.


The Guichet Nail and Method revolutionized leg lengthening as its stronger steel strucuture allowed for greater weight bearing activity almost immediately after the procedure, and it maximizes patient comfort due to the fact that it is customizable for size in patients with smaller bones. It is believed that the Guichet Method is the least painful of all the current methods of leg and limb lengthening as it is less invasive. 


Having led the research and innovation in leg lengthening, we are committed, as a Clinic and medical professionals, to finding innovative and latest technologies to help people achieve their goals. We understand our patient's needs and our objective is to get them positive results in the shortest amount of time. 


The state of the art clinic is located in at Centre Phocea, 14 Bd Gustave Ganay, 13009, Marseille, France. In addition, all services are now also offered at the Casa di Cura Columbusin at Via Buonarroti, 48 - 20145, in Milan, Italy.

Leg Lengthening Clinic Dr Treating Patient - Grow Taller- Increase Height
Leg Lengthening Clinic Team - Get Taller - Increase Height

Our Team

Leg Lengthening Clinic Doctor Jean-Marc Guichet - Grow Taller - Increase Height
Dr. Jean-Marc Guichet


Dr. Guichet has committed his life to research and focused on the care and success of bone reconstruction. One of the world's leading innovators in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Guichet has a Masters in Human Biology from the University of Aix-Marseilles II, an MD from the University of Burgundy in Dijon. He invented the Albizzia Nail in collaboration with his professor, Paul Marie Grammont, and later invented and patented the Guichet Nail now used in his surgical procedures for limb lengthening. 


Personal Website:

Leg Lengthening Clinic Team Philippe Fier - Get Taller
Philippe Fier


Trained as a Physical Therapist, Phillipe's main goal is to ensure that all patients are provided with specialized therapeutic relaxation during the lengthening process.  His clinic is located at the Resident Calypso.

Serge Conesa


Serge is a physical trainer that works with our leg lengthening patients both before and after lengthening. He also works with a local professional sports team. Before surgery he works with our lengthening patients on strength and flexibility. After lengthening, he aids patients with gaining their muscle tone and strength back.

Where we Are:


Marseille is the second largest city in France, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and has a pleasant temperate climate in summer and winter. Cultural activities and opportunities for relaxation,  sightseeing and dining are numerous and you will enjoy your stay. Some patients have even named the practice in Marseille the 'Lengthening Club Med'. We are located at Centre Phocea, 14 Bd Gustave Ganay, 13009, Marseille, France.


How to Get Here:


Marseille-Provence International Airport is located about thirty kilometers from Marseille. Buses, taxis and trains connect the airport to Marseille in less than 30 minutes. 


Places to Stay & Eat:


Several hotels and residences (Calypso, Citea, Citadine, etc.) are available and provide full comfort with TV, internet access, swimming pools, etc. Shops are close by (supermarket, pharmacy, etc.), and you can receive the benefit of convenient services if you wish (home deliveries, home helper, etc.).  

Leg Lengthening Clinic In Marseille, France (1) - Get Taller
Leg Lengthening Clinic In Marseille, France (2) - Get Taller
Leg Lengthening Clinic Banner - Get Taller - Dr Guichet - Increase Height
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