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Thorough research on the subject by the patient is advisable.


Risks associated with limb lengthening are much lower at the Leg Lengthening Clinic as Dr. Guichet develops all methods and ensures all improvements are available to his patients right away. Dr. Guichet is paving the way for new standards of quality in limb lengthening. Although internal nails have fewer risks of complications than external fixators, it is still important to understand possible risks, including but not limited to:

  • Pain. Fairly consistent, however much lower than what can be expected with an external fixator. Patients who have had experience with both methods of lengthening have been very clear about the difference in pain. 

  • Infection. However, rare with nails (especially femoral). 

  • Joint and/or Muscle Stiffness. 

  • Muscle Lesions. 

  • Early/Premature Bone Fusion or Absence/Delay of Bone Fusion. 

  • Bone or Material Fracture. 

  • Paralysis. However this has not be observed in the statistics of femoral lengthening by Dr. Guichet

  • Vascular/ Skin Problems, Weight Loss/Gain, Depression, etc. 

  • Professional Job Impairment.  However, much lower risk than with external fixator. 


To date, in the femoral lengthening in the practice of Dr. Guichet NO infection (osteitis, osteomyelitis), final stiffness, or paralysis, has occurred.

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