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Our Procedure - The Guichet Method

The Guichet Nail is an improved version of Dr. Guichet's original invention, the Albizzia Nail. The original Albizzia Nail was revolutionary in limb lengthening during the early 2000s as it allowed for up to 10 cm of lengthening. However, a stronger nail was required that would allow for more weight-bearing activity by the patient during the lengthening process itself. Plus, the one size fits all method was proving difficult for some patients who had smaller bones.


The Guichet Nail was then designed from its predecessor using much stronger steel and in several different sizes to accommodate various sized limbs. Our advanced technique requires small incisions of 1 to 1.8 cm to insert the nail. This leaves very little evidence (scarring) of the operation. A day surgery is planned to insert the nail, and once the surgery is completed, we encourage full weight-bearing activity and mobility.  
This has many benefits with regards to returning to normal life with minimal disruption during the lengthening process.

Length Gain - Our patients gain up to 10 cm (4 inches) of length in just one operation on either their thigh/femurs or legs /tibias. A second operation performed about a year later removes the internal fixator nail completely.  


Procedure Summary:


Step 1: Consultation and Evaluation

- 2-4 hours 

- X-rays/Blood test/Cybex strength/Psychological Preparation


Step 2: Surgery

- 2-5 hours

- Full shower/shave legs where required


Step 3: Hospitalization

- 4 days in hospital

- Lesson lengthening/exercise bike


Step 4: Lengthening

- 1 mm per day or 1 inch per 26 days 

- Careful walking with/without crutches

- Exercising/Stretching/Careful walking


Step 5: Consolidation

- Approximately 90  days to 120  days


Step 6: Removal of Nail

- 1 to 2 years upon completion of lengthening

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